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About Us

The West Michigan Business Aviation Association was formed to promote business aviation in our community, safety in aircraft operations and to provide information to member companies with the goal of staying current in our ever evolving industry.

To promote business aviation the organization provides a system in which several of our departments are able to combine resources and share knowledge amongst ourselves and the general public. We also stay in contact with local and national news media in an effort to help educate the general public on the advantages of corporate aircraft and general aviation.

To promote safety seminars and speakers are provided periodically for aircraft crewmembers and maintenance on a variety of issues including procedures, specialized aviation equipment, first aid techniques, developments within the industry, new products, legislative actions and a variety of other issues important to the safe and efficient operation of our departments.

Through various fund raising events we look to promote business aviation as a career option to future aviation professionals in the West Michigan area. These events are designed to provide scholarship funds to qualified students in order to assist with their educational costs.

Through these events we look to benefit the companies, employees, and future aviation professionals involved with corporate and general aviation within the West Michigan area. 

Please visit our Links page for important information concerning our WMBAA Scholarship as well as job postings for local West Michigan Aviation Businesses.